On the 27th December - when most sensible people are still in the cosiness of Christmas festivities - I'll be gearing up to ride 500km in one go around Herne Hill Velodrome.

Why? Well, why not? As well as it being a huge challenge, both physically and mentally for myself, it's also to raise money for two charities: Dementia UK and the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome.

Why Dementia UK?

There are currently around 900,000 people with dementia in the UK and this is projected to rise to 1.6 million people by 2040. Alzheimer's disease -which is the most common cause of dementia in the UK - is something that has affected not only my family but the loved ones of so many.

To me, memories and the mind are one of the most valuable things we have in this world. The idea of that slipping away is terrifying. I've also seen first hand the heartbreak and devastation the disease can cause, plus the toll it takes on families trying to provide care for someone living with Alzheimer's.

Dementia UK provide specialist dementia nurses who support and provide life-changing care for families affected by all forms of dementia – including Alzheimer’s disease. I'd love to raise funds for them, which in turn will help families navigating a very difficult time.

I know it's a challenging period also for so many financially, but anything you can spare at all would be very much appreciated and give me a real push around the velodrome. Thank you! x

Want to get involved and see me push the pedals?

I'll be cycling at Herne Hill Velodrome from 3pm on the 27th December until...some point on the 28th?? Come down, cheer, bring food and warm drinks and show me your big smiley faces please.

Bonus points if you bring down a dog or other furry pet!

If you can't be there in person, then drop me a message on here, my mobile or on Instagram. It'll be lovely to see your support :)

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£1,565.00 raised of £1,000.00 target by 43 supporters

£1,305.00 donated and £260.00 in GiftAid


156 %


From 30th November 2022. Until 31st January 2023.


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Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome  

The Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome (FHHV) is an inclusive club and welcomes people of all ages and ability. We are based at the historic, outdoor velodrome in Herne Hill. Our primary purpose is to support the Herne Hill Velodrome through raising and providing funds , organising social events and volunteering. We have over 400 members.

As you would expect the focus is track cycling but there is also is also plenty of participation on and off road. In the coming months we plan to introduce group rides.

We have a thriving social scene with plenty of opportunities to meet and hang out at Jan’s Café in the Herne Hill Velodrome Pavilion after sessions and at other events throughout the year. Everyone is welcome.

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